Veteran's Special Offer

Hello, Veterans,

My name is Anthony L. Pezza, and I’ve developed a unique and educational small business Q&Agame called BIZ O’NOMICS©. Its sole purpose is to educate existing business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, and all veterans to be successful in the world of small business while having fun playing the game.

Much of the game’s content comes from my extensive 50 years of business experience, knowledge, and my four years of teaching business subjects to military personnel at the joint bases in New Jersey. Several hundred soldiers attended my business classes, and many went on to open their own small business just prior to completing their classes, or soon after leaving the service.

As a result of my deep desire to help veterans, I’m now offering every veteran who has served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, and/or Merchant Marines, and who is currently living any place in the world, will receive a copy of my Online “International Educational Q&A Business Game” that sells to all Non-Military Members for $99.95 and OUR additional benefit for the military services includes our valued Free monthly business newsletter.

You might be asking yourself why I am making such a generous offer. I come from a large family of thirteen children, and six of my brothers served in World War ll from 1942 till 1947. At that time, I was too young to enter any of the branches of service myself. As this has inspired me to make a contribution to all veterans and to thank them for their service by providing business education that will enable them to be a successful and profitable business owner.

To receive your (Online) “International Educational Q&A Business Game” called Biz O’NOMICS © just open the Sign-in page below, fill in all the required information, and become a “Veterans Q&A Game Members.” This game will allow any veteran to play alongside his fellow veterans, and to acquire practical, and useful small business education!

**A Thank You from me, and to my brothers and sisters, for yours/and their services, and for yours/and their protection against outside forces.

Email Address Tony Pezza (732) 232-4633

The “International Educational Q&A Business Game” called BiZO’NOMICS © is limited of any cost to every veteran who has ever served in any one of the 6 branches of the U.S. military services. Each player will be placed in a designated military service group as is listed below, also will be placed in the military membership players group, as it is specially designed for ease of play between the service men and woman. A “Onetime Only small administration fee of $1.00 will be charged to your credit card. Of that amount, the greater portion will be donated to the US military armed services, and the balance will be used for various Online monthly credit card fees and website service fees.

Thank You,

American Standard Businesses LLC