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All Business Groups Should Take Advantage of “My FREE OFFER”

"Free Business Speakers Bureau" Is “A Division of American Standard Businesses”, and is offering a free of cost, in-person 60-minute business presentation for all business groups. The subjects are designed to assist existing business owners to grow their business to a higher level, and how to avoid a failed business. This business presentation is a combination of Motivation, Desire, Knowledge, Direction, Business Processing, Support, Implementation, and the guaranteed concept through my more than 50 years of business experience. If your group, or a related business group that expresses an interest, please contact me at (732) 232 4633 or email me for additional information at,

Over the years groups pay for speakers that offer only motivation, which is a good feature, but it is not substance. Imagine seating for 60 minutes and walking away with only motivation, and offers no business substance which I have seen, and listened to on many occasions. But as a business owner, most of these speakers offer no business successful programs for growth. On average their fees are in the 10’s of $1000’s of dollars with no support or business implementation. A business speaker when it is a business group should offer real business substance and insight, along with the motivation, direction, and business programming.

Which Groups Qualify for my FREE Speakers Presentation?

  • Financial lenders advising business owners.
  • Insurance firms selling business insurance to business owners.
  • Attorneys dealing with business owners, buy, sell agreements.
  • CPA's firms offering business, and financial advice.
  • Public Accounting firms.
  • Business consultants, and coaches.
  • Real Estate offices, business, and commercial.
  • Title firms offering business closings.
  • Brokers, mortgage bankers, and direct lenders.
  • And More

Failure comes from lack of business knowledge, misdirection, funding, business education, poor location, legal documents, inventory, purchases, and resales. Take this Opportunity to email me at the above address.

Thank You,

Tony Pezza

(Terms and conditions do apply before commitment.)

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