Point to Existing Business

There comes a time in your now existing business life, and/or you have a new start-up business idea. And if so, where will you go to learn the art of small business education, and be successful? We at American Standard Businesses LLC. are now offering our exclusive Online 50 Hours of in-depth small business education, with more than 50 years of small business experience. Our unique online learning center comes in the form of my “International Educational Q&A Business Game” that is fun to play and can be played as an international question, and answer competition between national, and international business opponents. There are some 350 pages incorporated into the BIZ O’NOMICS© Q&A game, with 100 questions on 4x6 cards, 139 page manual in color, 100 fully explained text answers for each asked question, and 100, 2-minute audio voiceover answers for each 4x6 card. The instructional manual fully explains that this is not a game, as games are meant to be played, but is a full learning center designed for all business owners, either existing or are planning to open a new business.

My internet search over these past 24 to 36 months for a competitive, and comparable educational online small business course affords me the term to say, there is no other online course for small business education that offers, and guarantees student success, including an open line email conference. My small business online course contains many years of teaching business substance and does not offer the national standard small business industry’s theory of business success.

Within the online 50-hour business course you will be asked such business questions like,

  • How do I evaluate a business before purchase?
  • What is my profit margin on a retail outlet?
  • If I make the purchase, what can I sell my business for?
  • How do I increase my profits without raising my prices, and still be competitive?
  • Is there a way I can purchase a business with little or no money down?
  • What should my rent be based on my monthly sales?

These are only 6 of my 100 questions, and answers that you will find in the online business course. As I stated, every one of my 100 business questions and answers all come from years of in the business experience.

Thank You,

Anthony L. Pezza