Completed First Round

Hi, Game Players,

You have purchased the finest of the “International Small Business Educational Q&A Game” and its creator, and founder would like to thank you for your purchase, and your educational interest. It offers many years of experience, and its attempt to resemble a one on one in classroom education. And as in classroom education, repetition is the real number one rule to learning, especially when the investment of your dollars earned through hard work, could lead to profit, success, and your business future.

Just ask any professional, like a Ball Player, Doctor, Lawyer, and yes your local Indian Chief. To repeat the educational process, once you have completed the first round of 100 questions, continue to play the second round, just by picking any question out of order, and continue your second round of education. The 100 audios and the 100 full page questions and answers will remain the same.

Each month American Standard Businesses LLC. Will offer 5 new questions and answers and will be placed in a sequence file to the 100 count of the original questions and answers. The creator and founder are making this offer to all purchasers and is being offered FREE of any cost to all game players. All new add-on questions and answers will be numbered 101 and will continue forward in a continuous count. (Ex. 101 102 103 and so on up to 105). And each month you will you receive my free offer of 5 new questions, and answers, through your email server, along with my free monthly business newsletter.

Again a big thank you from,

Anthony L. Pezza

Creator and Founder