American Donation

American Standard Businesses LLC. Has dedicated itself for many years, to providing transitioning active military members with small business education, that has helped them succeed in business when entering civilian life.

That extensive experience has led to the recent development of BIZ O’NOMICS © “Educational Q&A Game”, a unique, easy and fun way to deliver important, useful and practical business knowledge to all the players. And now, the company is offering all veterans, and the spouses of those soldiers, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, a free copy of the “Educational Q&A Business Game”.

It can be found by going to the home page of and clicking on “Soldiers Free Offer” located in the menu box. A significant share of the profits earned from a small access fee of $1.00 (one dollar) will be donated DIRECTLY to deserving, and needy veterans, and their families based in New Jersey, which is the headquarters of American Standard Businesses © LLC. Absolutely no intermediaries or non-profits will be involved in the distribution of donated funds. This military donation offer is a tribute to all the military service members who have kept us free, and safe, and the children of America!