The Advantages of Buying a Business

  • Get into a business faster, with less risk and stress
  • Already has a client/customer base
  • Financing can be made easier by less than 75%
  • Generating revenues, cash flow, with a greater income
  • Established relationships with suppliers
  • Employees are already in place and trained
  • Daily operational procedures are in place
  • Necessary equipment is already inside the facility
  • Has an existing and established location
  • Cost is always less than your average startup
  • Reduces the national average chance of failure
  • This method has been tested, proven, and has been successful for years
  • Greater profits on the sell side
  • Greater weekly sales and profits
  • Inventory cost is less than start-up
  • Repairs and installations are less than start-up cost
  • Monthly payments are less than a fixed loan
  • Customers are familiar with the location and personal

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