About The Q&A Game

Firstly, I would to say hello to all of my “International Board Game Players” and thank them for their interest in this educational process presented in a form of a game. Before I tell you about my background, the what, the how, and why this game was created, you need to know there is a completed instructional manual within the menu boxes.

Allow me to elaborate on this concept. A lack of business education is most likely the biggest problem facing business owners and accounts for all, or most, of the business failures in the USA. Financial lenders do not offer small business education and never had. Their loan is protected by collateral, and personal signatures. It’s hard to understand why every lender does not require 25 hours of small business education which would protect their loan and secure their collateral. The sole purpose of my program is to educate all business owners with business training, knowledge, business facts, and how to protect their investment.

Listed below are just 6 of 100 questions and answers that are part of the board game. After you play the game, I believe you’ll agree that this is a beneficial small business training program and a fun game that can lead to business success.

Have you ever thought about starting a business, and what is your starting point?
Q.How many years of business experience do I need before starting a business?
A.Question 1 on page 100
Q.Where can financing be obtained, and at what cost?
A.Question 2 on page 99
Q.Should all family members have equal shares in the business?
A.Question 10 on page 91
Q.When purchasing a business do you know how to analyze its value?
A.Question 15 on page 86
Q.Do you know how to calculate your break-even monthly cost?
A.Question 19 on page 82
Q.If purchasing a business for $100,000, what percentage should I borrow?
A.Question 22 on page 79

After reviewing just 6 of the 100 questions, please continue on to the entire program. Enjoy the international educational board game that can be played one-on-one online, on your own computer, and against a national, and international opponent.

Thank You,

Anthony L. Pezza

Founder and Creator of BIZ O’NOMICS ©™ An International Educational Q&A Game