About The Company & Its Founder

Hello, my name is Anthony L. Pezza, and I am the President and Owner of American Standard Businesses LLC. ©, a teaching and learning program for small business education. My business experience began in Newark, New Jersey in 1951 when I purchased my first business at the age of 17 and was named Tony’s Meat Market. When I was only 9 and school was out, I was delivering meat orders on a two-wheel bike, where the front wheel was one-half the size of the rear wheel by design. The reason for the odd size wheels was to accommodate an oversized basket located at the front portion of the bike, making it possible to deliver more orders at the same time. I worked for Manno’s Meat Market from the age of 9 to the age of 17, and what I learned over those 8 years gave me the tools to be able to create a business education program which works in teaching all small business owners to be profitable.

You may find it a bit strange that with only 8 years of working in a meat market, and being only 17, I was able to open my own business. It’s not possible to explain on one page the amount of training I acquired in areas such as gross percentages, waste, shrink, loss, profit, and sales. These aspects of the business were among my favorite subjects to teach attendees in a classroom setting. Education in these areas is vital to business success, and the lack of education is the reason so many small businesses have failed.

In addition, my self-taught education goes far beyond the first 8 years from 1951. I didn’t graduate from high school because my dad passed away at 51, and I had to help support my mom and pay for some of the household expenses. Without educating myself, It would not have been possible to move on in life, and now able to tell you my business story. If more business owners would seek substance business education, the business failure rate would drop by 30% plus.

I created the “International Educational Q&A Game” called BIZ O’NOMICS ©™ for the sole purpose of training, education, and fun for one player to play against another. The elements of the Q&A game originated from my more than 50 years of hard work, ups and downs, profits and losses, and buy and sell agreements. All of this experience includes more than 23,000 business transactions and 1,000’s of business owners as students attending my 27 years of in-classroom training. So in reality, it’s not my 8 years of education that led me to this point, but rather the first 8 years, plus 50 years more of business life in the trenches---from the bottom of the first penny to the top of the first dollar bill.

As the result of BIZ O’NOMICS ©™, American Standard Businesses will be offering in the very near future 10 additional Online “International Educational Q&A Games” designed to represent in classroom training sessions. To all of my players, our Free monthly business newsletter will still be available when purchasing any of the new additional board games, offering support, and implementation.

Question of the day

Have you ever heard the term “How to Start a Business?” I know you have, because since 1979 and even earlier, there has been more than 3 Million seminars on the same subject, from more than 50,000 outlets. So ask yourself, why after so many past, and current “How to Start a Business” seminars, why do we still have a 43% or higher failure rate to this present day.

Answer of the day

Of all of these seminars what is being offered is theory only, and not a single word on education, training, profit, loss, growth, sales, rental cost, lease agreements, evaluation, appraisal, business plan, marketing plan and more. From the standard national 2-hour business seminars still being offered, the answer to non-failure in a single word is, EDUCATION.

I am going leave you with this everlasting thought, you can contact me by email at tonysmallbusinessgames@outloook.com for any additional question about your small business concerns, and for anything else that I’ve stated in this “About the Company and its Founder” page.


Thank You,

Anthony L. Pezza

Creator and Founder